Althorp Literary Festival

Saturday 6  October 2018

Our annual Oxford University Three Shires trip to the Althorp Literary Festival.

Our chosen sessions this year are:

Paula Byrne in conversation with Jonathan Bate

12.00 - 1.00

Look to Your Wife: From Othello To Twitter

Paula Byrne is the author the bestselling biographies ‘Perdita’, ‘Mad World’, ‘The Real Jane Austen’, ‘Belle’, ‘Kick’ and ‘The Genius of Jane Austen’. She is founder and chief executive of ReLit, the Bibliotherapy Foundation, a charity devoted to the mental health benefits of reading. She is married to Sir Jonathan Bate ( Provost of Worcester College) and lives in Oxford.

A witty, wholly entrancing story of the pleasures, pains and obsessions of contemporary life.

To Catch A King,  Charles Spencer

2.30 - 3.30

How did the most wanted man in the country outwit the greatest manhunt in British history?

In the week when the paperback of To Catch A King is published, Charles Spencer presents this thrilling chronicle, described by the Times as “a ripping yarn, with ingredients that belong partly to thrillers and partly to fairytales.”  This is the story of the relentless pursuit of the man who would be King. In 1651 Charles hid from Cromwell’s men using disguise, deception and relying on grit, fortitude and good luck. He suffered grievously through weeks when his cause seemed hopeless. He hid in an oak tree an event so fabled that over 400 English pubs are named Royal Oak in commemoration. Less well-known events include his witnessing a village in wild celebrations at the erroneous news of his killing; the ordeal of a medical student wrongly imprisoned because of his similarity in looks; his disguising himself as a servant and as one half of an eloping couple. Once restored to the throne as Charles II, he told the tale of his escapades to Samuel Pepys, who transcribed it all.

The Festival

General information about the Althorp Literary Festival is on their website here.  If any Alumni are planning to attend independently you are welcome to join us at lunchtime.