Schools Outreach for Access to Oxford University

Three Shires 2015 Event

Application Deadlines and further information

If you want to study at Oxford, you need to apply a year before the start date of your course by completing the online application form at www.ucas.com. Applications open in early September, and the deadline is 6pm UK time on 15 October every year.

If you would like more information on applying to Oxford undergraduate courses please see here.  This is the main page on the University website for undergraduate admissions and has plenty of useful information.  The University holds Open days.  You might need to book for some events, although there are drop-in events in colleges and departments.  It may be possible to visit on other days: please check the University website.

Our Outreach Events

Schools in our area who would like to host outreach events are invited to contact our  young alumni secretary.

Lodge Park Academy, Corby

 Wednesday 20 May 2015 at 6pm

For students in years 11, 12 and 13, parents and teachers

If you are applying to university, have you considered Oxford? Would you like to hear more about Oxford from University Admissions Staff and current Undergraduates? If so, you are invited to the Oxford University Society Three Shires Branch outreach event at Lodge Park Academy, Shetland Way, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 2JH.

  We thank the Principal for agreeing to host the event,  Thanks also to Julian, our Young Alumni Secretary, for organising our outreach programme.  One of the Branch’s aims is to “spread the word about Oxford” particularly among those who may find the idea of Oxford intimidating or whose school may not often send students there. We aim to explain the reality of the admissions process, interviews and student life, which may not be what you see on TV or in the papers!  The Oxford and Cambridge admissions processes and student life are similar so our event would be helpful if you are considering Cambridge.  Both universities are federations of separate colleges, within which students have individual tutorials (or supervisions). The tutorial system is sometimes referred to as “the jewel in the crown” of the Oxford and Cambridge undergraduate experience.


Oxford - why and how?

Our speakers from the University will talk about the admissions process, the interviews and how Oxford does everything possible to ensure a level playing field for applicants.  The financial support available at Oxford will be explained.  As well as the usual grants and loans from Student Finance England the University has its own bursaries which are among the most generous available.  No one should be put off applying to Oxford by financial worries.

Panel Discussion: life at Oxford – the reality

The experiences of  current and recent students


There will be Question & Answer Sessions after the talk and at the end of the evening you will be able to talk to the speakers and the panel.

Those interested in coming should speak to their Class Teachers or Heads of Sixth Form.  We aim to invite all Secondary schools in the county, if your school requires further information please contact our  young alumni secretary.

If you decide to apply to Oxford, please keep in touch with us as we shall again be awarding a £50 book token to the candidate present at our event who wins the best Academic Scholarship for entry to Oxford.

We are grateful to Hewitsons Solicitors for sponsoring this prize.